Workshops in plant dyes



1.  Introduction to plant dyes

This course teaches the basic techniques of the craft, dyeing with different Materials, the most important mordants and how to prepare the colour bath from natural resources. You can bring your own yarn.

1 day incl. material and lunch

From 2 persons: 75 Euro/p.P.



 2. Red - Advanced course I

This two-day lesson teaches the handling of madder (rubia tinctoria). This plant provides a large variety of red colours, beautiful and very durable. But technically the handling of this plant differs from most other materials, so you should have a little experience to fully profit from this lesson.

2 days incl. material and lunch (on request we will help you find lodging)

From 2 persons: 185 Euro/p.P.

3.  Indigo - Advanced course II

Indigotin is the pigment in Indigo and in a pre-form also in woad, but sadly it is not dissolveable in Water. The way to fix the blue pigments onto fibre is a chemical reaction, an anaerob reduction. You will learn about this special technique, the materials used and the preparation of fibre.

2 days incl. Material and lunch, excluding fibres

single course or up to three people: 350 Euro


Please note that your course is only booked when the fee is recieved on our account. All courses can also be booked for groups and events on your location. Additional cost will then be added for travel and board.