David Schütze born in 1966 in Bad Godesberg successfully apprenticed as bladesmith and metal-designer runs his own workshop since 1998 in the area of Westerwald, Germany specializes in reconstructions and replica of archaeological finds and custom-made blades and tools, both in Damaszene and steel special interest is experiment with smelting ovens and the purification and use of bloomery-iron and production of steel with historical means     List of Reference Experiment and Demonstrations for: Lofotr Viking Museum Römisch Germansiches Zentralmuseum Mainz Landschaftsmuseum Hachenburg Museum Herxheim     Demonstrations for: Trelleborgen, Trelleborg, Sweden Foteviken Viking Reservation, Höllviken, Sweden European Textilforum Gudvangen Viking Village, Norway Hordaland Museum, Norway