Damascus Steel


The layered Damasc Steel as seen from a tecnological point of view is a welded composite of at least 2 materials with very different character. In the classical way one material -the steel- was extremely hard and tough, but it had no flexibility at all. The other one -the iron- brought no toughness with it, but high flexibillity, protecting the blade from braking. Both materials get firewelded and doubled afterwards, a new welding will double the number of layers, and at the same time reduce the thickness of the layers to half. When the number of layers is right, the blade will be forged out of the block, followed by the next steps: temperature treatment, grinding and polishing, until the blade is finished. An acid bath will remove the polished surface of only one material and leaving the  bright shine of the other - so the unique structure of the Damasc-blade will be visible.